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He Wasn’t.

The one and only racism that exists is the action of thinking there really is racism.

I say jump and you start jumping.


Hey, hey, hey! ¡¿Ya todo el mundo sabe que abrirán un Taco Bell en Zaragoza?! ¡¿ Alguien que esté tan conmocionad@ y eufóric@ como yo lo estoy?! No puedo esperaaarrr.

Like.. 3 years late I’m so freaking upset and sad about the cancellation of Hellcats. Damnit T.T


i want to move to a small apartment by myself in a new city and i want to decide which furniture i want and what i want for dinner and whether or not i want to stay out all night and i want to travel and meet new people and fall in love and go have my own adventures because i’m sick of this washed-up place filled with annoying people

it has been said.

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Saturday Nico Nico Fever Vol.2 


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